JoVE on PRI’s The World radio show

This afternoon, JoVE was highlighted on PRI’s The World radio broadcast. CEO Moshe Pritsker addressed how science was broken but that sharing methods via video can help alleviate the strain of trying to replicate others’ results. To learn more about what sparked the need for a modern way to communicate scientific methods, you can read the complete article found here.

What would YOU do with 96% more time? [PLAYLIST]

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With the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting upon us again this weekend, we turned to JoVE: Neuroscience for some insight about how our videos are helping scientists at the bench. Dr. Leonard Khiroug, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Helsinki and a 4-time JoVE author, recently shared an earth-shattering finding with us about efficiency. Read more…

Go go gadget bioprinter!

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Members of the millennial generation are hacking anything and everything they can. This isn’t really all that surprising because they were raised in an era when DIY technology was beginning to infiltrate every aspect of their lives. From infancy, these techies watched the likes of Inspector Gadget maneuver out of any situation with fancy foldable hide-away gizmos that were always the perfect counterpoint to the threat at hand. Even Mr. Bean devised a clever way to overcome space issues when he drove his car with some rope and a mop from a Lazy Boy strapped to the roof. Then, in the mid-80s, millennials’ eyes were truly opened to quick-fix solutions when MacGyver, the ultimate paper-clip-and-chewing-gum bomb diffuser, graced prime-time TV.

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