Frequently Asked Questions

What is JoVE?

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) is the first peer reviewed scientific video journal, indexed in PubMed. JoVE publishes video articles on experimental methods in biological, medical, chemical and physical research.

Are JoVE Video Articles Peer Reviewed?

Yes, all of our articles undergo peer review. To learn more about the submission, review and publication process, see our information for prospective authors.

Is JoVE indexed in PubMed and Web of Science?

Yes, JoVE articles are indexed in PubMed/Medline, Web of Science, ChemAbstracts, SciFinder and Scopus. This list is constantly updating, so stay tuned!

What is JoVE Journal’s Impact Factor?

JoVE Journal’s 2015 ISI Impact Factor is 1.325. JoVE articles are cited in many science journals including leading publications such as Nature, Cell, PNAS, PLoS and others.

How many articles has JoVE published?

As of July 2015, JoVE has published more than 4,500 video articles, filmed in laboratories of leading research institutions in North America, Europe and Asia. Per month, JoVE publishes 80 video articles. New articles are released on a daily basis.

Does JoVE require a subscription for access to its online videos?

Yes, JoVE content (about 80%) is available under subscription. See our subscription information to learn more.

Most JoVE video articles are filmed and edited by video professionals. Since video production is very expensive, the cost per article for JoVE is much higher than for traditional, text-only publications. It is not possible to completely cover the costs of video production using the typical Open Access model, in which fees are collected from academic authors. Consequently, JoVE employs the institutional subscription model that is typical to many scientific journals. However, the Open Access option is offered to authors, and nearly 20% authors use it. To learn more about publication in JoVE, see our information for prospective authors.

What is an "Issue" for an online-only publication?

Since JoVE does not release a printed issue but still must conform to the convention of "issues" for citation purposes, we order our content into issues based on the month of release. You can see an archive of JoVE’s issues here, including the number of articles published in each section for each issue.

How can I follow news from JoVE?

You can subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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