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JoVE Careers

Director of Finance

Position Duties:

  • Prepare monthly reporting and variance analysis for key financial and operational metrics, identifying and explaining performance against budget, forecast and prior year
  • Develop tracking and monthly reporting of financial performance for key strategic initiatives
  • Review of financial reports, including Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows, as well as the year-end financial reports.
  • Preparation and forecasting of Budget and cash flow projections.
  • Timely approval and processing payments of all accounts Payables.
  • Overseeing payroll for all entities. Oversee the General Accounting processes, fixed assets and financial reporting of all entities.
  • Oversee Statutory Audit procedures and ensuring timely compliances of tax returns.


  • Bachelors or foreign equivalent (Combination of education accepted) in Finance, or Accounting, or Business
  • 36 months of progressive financial accounting experience experience with GAAP budgets and forecasts.

May live and work remotely from anywhere in U.S. Employer headquarters is located in Cambridge, MA

Applicants must have unrestricted authorization to work in the United States.

Rate of pay: minimum $127,026 per year

Human Resources Manager

Position Duties:

  • Responsible for compliance with HR state and federal regulations and applicable employment laws, and to update policies and/or procedures as required
  • Responsible for administration of all HR activities through employee life cycle including compensation, benefits, leave administration, performance and talent management, learning and development, employee recognition, morale and culture building.
  • Translate strategic business plans into critical HR actions, programs, and initiatives A
  • nalyze and forecast work trends and monitor HR metrics (vacancy and turnover rates, aging demographics, etc.);
  • Design and implement programs to promote employee engagement and recognition. Manage employee relations and act as a resource for employees for resolving workplace issues
  • Monitors the performance management programs, reviews and professional development.
  • Promotes company programs for a diverse, equitable and inclusive organizational culture and ensure human resource strategies align with organizational business goals
  • Supervise recruitment and hiring and ensuring that interviewing techniques are structured to avoid bias, promotes outreach to diverse audiences Assist with audits and compliance reviews Analyze and modify compensation and benefits policies to establish competitive programs and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Ensure that compensation and benefits plans and practices are administered efficiently and are adequate for the organization capabilities and market place
  • Analyze statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organization's personnel policies and practices.
  • Oversee the evaluation, classification, and rating of occupations and job positions
  • Prepare personnel forecast to project employment needs.
  • Provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages, opportunities for promotion, and employee benefits
  • Maintain knowledge of trends, best practices, regulatory changes, and new technologies in human resources, talent management, and employment law
  • Plan and coordinate an organizations workforce to best use employees talents Link an organizations management with its employees
  • Plan and oversee employee benefit programs Serve as a consultant to advise other managers on human resources issues, such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment
  • Coordinate and supervise the work of specialists and support staff
  • Oversee an organizations recruitment, interview, selection, and hiring processes Handle staffing issues, such as mediating disputes and directing disciplinary procedures
  • Oversee employee relations, securing regulatory compliance, and administering employee-related services such as payroll, training, and benefits.
  • Consult with executives regarding strategic planning and talent management.

May live and work remotely from anywhere in U.S. Employer headquarters is located in Cambridge, MA

Requirements: Master in Business Administration, or related field, and 2 4 months of experience with benefits and compensation programs, HRIS in ADP systems modules that support HR national and international operations.

Applicants must have unrestricted authorization to work in the United States.

Rate of pay: minimum $126,194 per year

Location of Employment: MyJoVE Corporation, 625 Massachusetts Ave 2nd Fl., Cambridge , MA 02139.

Please send applications to hr@jove.com.

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