Reading EagleNovember 21, 2018High School Librarian-Teacher Praises JoVE as Virtual ResourceIn editorial, librarian/teacher says the JoVE Journal is her library's "most prominent" virtual resource and "gives students access to a plethora of videos to enhance their scientific research across many of the STEAM disciplines."Read Full Article
Campus TechnologyFebruary 1, 2018Flipping with short lab videos may help students learn in science coursesResults from recent independent, IRB approved studies show that JoVE videos can help to improve students performance and confidence.Read Full Article
Quartz NewsJanuary 9, 2017Quartz News “FOLLOW THE SMELL: Moths are driving miniature cars to help scientists build odor-tracking robots”In a recent study published in JoVE Video Journal, researchers at the University of Tokyo leveraged a moth’s acute sense of smell to let the insects “steer” a vehicle toward a specific odor. It’s part of their ongoing research into making robots that mimic the insect’s odor-tracking skills.Read Full Article
ScientometricsNovember 21, 2018Recognizing JoVE’s Contribution to Research Methods TransferLibrarians studying how JoVE is cited in scholarly literature say JoVE "articles play an important role in transparency and transfer of methodologies and processes in research."Read Full Article
Research InformationFebruary 1, 2018Framing EvidenceTo quantify the effect of video in science education, JoVE conducted independent IRB-approved studies at Clemson University and DeSales University. The results of these studies show JoVE Science Education videos dramatically improve students’ performance and confidence in science laboratory courses.Read Full Article
Science MagazineJanuary 3, 2017Watch this moth drive a scent-controlled carAcross seven trials with seven different drivers, the insects piloted the vehicle consistently toward the pheromones, nearly as well as 10 other silkworm moths who could walk freely on the ground toward the smells, the researchers reported last month in the Journal of Visualized Experiments.Read Full Article

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FeedstuffsNovember 20, 2018New lab technique reduces need for experimental chickensRead how The Pirbright Institute's JoVE Journal-published protocol for IBDV research could annually reduce the number of live chickens needed for experiments by 5,000.Read Full Article
NewsweekMay 11, 2017Mind-Body connection during meditation can now be tracked, thanks to scienceThe director of the Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong, the Venerable Sik Hin Hung, says the methodology developed and used by him and his team is complicated, which is why they published with JoVE , since the journal produces how-to videos for all of the studies.Read Full Article
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  • September 10, 2018JoVE awards travel grants to global contest winners to attend prestigious Charleston Library Conference
  • January 30, 2017JoVE Builds on Ten Years of Making Science Clearer, More Reproducible
  • September 20, 2016JoVE Expands Journal to Include Genetics, Biochemistry, and Cancer Research Videos
  • June 15, 2016JoVE is Expanding Science Education Collections to include Clinical Skills