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JoVE Introduces Powerful Tool Linking Scientific Videos to 4.5 Million Research Articles

JoVE Visualize aids reproducibility, adding video dimension to universe of scientific research 

February 17, 2015

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February 17, 2015 – Cambridge, MA - Extending the value of JoVE Journal, its flagship video journal, JoVE introduced JoVE Visualize today, a novel tool enabling researchers to visualize the entire spectrum of published scientific literature. Multiple studies have demonstrated the unmatched value of a video publication for scientific research and education when compared with traditional text publications. To address this need, JoVE films and publishes nearly 1,000 videos annually of scientific experiments from the top research laboratories worldwide.  

“Recognizing that a single scientific technique will typically be used in numerous studies and that a video demonstrating that technique can improve the understanding, usability and reproducibility of these studies, JoVE develops video articles to capture those essential techniques," stated Moshe Pritsker, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of JoVE. “JoVE Visualize instantly associates a JoVE video with any text article of related scientific techniques published with the last 5 years and displays them," Pritsker continued. “Users, scientist and students can immediately obtain visual insights into how the experiments described in the article they read can be done.” 
With JoVE Visualize, researchers and scientists can:

-Cross-reference 4000 JoVE Journal videos with over 4.5 million PubMed articles 
-View JoVE video articles related to the research body within their scientific research field 
-Identify and select videos by relevance 
-Perform custom searches of PubMed and JoVE articles
-Easily navigate JoVE or PubMed data through a single user interface
-View attribution, publication date, and the PubMed abstract and directly link to Jove Journal articles

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