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JoVE Quiz Extends Educational Value of Innovative Science Education (SE) video database

Leading scientific educational video publisher introduces powerful tool to enhance student achievement

February 28, 2015

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February 28, 2015– Cambridge, MA– JoVE announced today the introduction of JoVE Quiz, an online tool designed for use with JoVE Science Education (SE), a leading database of scientific videos demonstrating core laboratory techniques in neuroscience, biology, behavior and multidisciplinary research. JoVE Quiz gives science instructors an easy, flexible online instrument for evaluating student outcomes following use of JoVE SE.  

“JoVE Quiz is very easy to use and offers great functionality. Not only does JoVE Quiz make lectures more engaging and enhance student understanding of lab techniques, it’s also a handy study guide for exams,” said Dr. Leonard Khiroug, Principal Investigator and Head of the In Vivo Microscopy Unit at the Neuroscience Center of the University of Helsinki, Finland.

A simple electronic evaluation tool that presents students with a series of questions and associated images, JoVE Quiz tests student comprehension and retention of academic topics covered in the JoVE videos.  With JoVE Quiz, science professors can:
•    Employ pre-defined questions or custom design their own on topics related to the video
•    Automatically compile and tabulate student responses 
•    Incorporate video stills and customize them to match the difficulty of the question
•    Create multiple instances of quizzes for use with different classes and cohorts
•    Enable open book testing in which students can watch a video and pause it to respond to associated questions

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