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JoVE Expands Journal to Include Genetics, Biochemistry, and Cancer Research Videos

September 20, 2016

CAMBRIDGE, MA, September 20, 2016: JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), the world’s first and only peer-reviewed scientific video journal, today announced the launch of three new Journal sections to aid scientists in their research: Genetics, Biochemistry, and Cancer Research. JoVE publishes high-quality video demonstrations of scientific experiments - offering researchers an easy and reliable way to replicate complex experimental techniques.

These new sections will provide scientists and clinicians working in the fields of genetics, biochemistry and cancer research a much needed resource that will increase the productivity, reproducibility, and efficiency of their research.

"Articles published in JoVE have been an asset to our weekly laboratory meeting. They helped in the training of many students and post-doctoral fellows ... the decision of the participating authors to submit our findings for publication in JoVE was unanimous and spontaneous." said Dr. Edouard Azzam, Professor at the Department of Radiology, New Jersey Medical School, Cancer Center.

With these new releases, JoVE Journal expands to 13 sections and over 5,100 video articles from diverse scientific fields including Biology, Engineering, Immunology, and Environment. Additionally, nearly 1,000 new video articles are produced in-house and published every year.

Today, JoVE video articles are being viewed by millions of users worldwide. The Journal’s subscriber base includes over 950 universities, colleges, government agencies, hospitals, and biotech/pharmaceutical companies in 47 countries. Among these subscribers are such leaders as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Tsinghua University, Cambridge University, University of Tokyo, University of Melbourne, McGill, National Institute of Health, Brigham and Women Hospital, and many more.

To coincide with the release of the Genetics, Biochemistry, and Cancer Research sections, JoVE is now offering free trials of all the new content until October 20th. Visit the Genetics, Biochemistry, and Cancer Research pages to learn more and get started.

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