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Launches New Physics Series, Expands Both Clinical Skills and Psychology Science Education Series

CAMBRIDGE, MA, June 15, 2017—JoVE, the premier producer and publisher of video resources for scientific research and education, today announced the launch of an entirely new Physics Series, as well as a significant expansion of both its Clinical Skills and Psychology Series. The new videos are now available within JoVE Science Education, an innovative library of easy-to-understand video demonstrations that teach key concepts and fundamental techniques.

Today, JoVE subscribers include more than 1,000 universities, colleges, and other leading research institutions. Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as their instructors, rely on JoVE Science Education to improve learning and retention in a wide range of subjects in science, medicine, and engineering. Later in 2017, JoVE Science Education will expand again to introduce new Biology and Chemistry content—as well as introduce a second entirely new series, Engineering.

“Educators value the proven ability of our videos to improve student learning and are constantly asking that we expand our focus to new areas of STEM learning,” said Moshe Pritsker, JoVE’s CEO and co-founder. “JoVE will continue to enhance our Science Education Library, this year and beyond, to answer educators’ demand and improve STEM learning for students around the world.”

JoVE Science Education now features 28 collections consisting of more than 400 videos that improve student comprehension and success. The new Science Education content includes:

Physics: Essentials of Physics I and Essentials of Physics II  map closely to undergraduate physics curricula. The videos examine basic physics concepts and experiments, and feature real-world examples in physics research.

Clinical Skills: Essentials of Nursing Skills, Essentials of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, and Essentials of Physical Examinations III videos are vital for teaching faculty, nursing students, pre-med and medical school students and physician assistants. These videos significantly improve student comprehension and retention of key clinical medicine concepts and practices.

Psychology: Essentials of Neuropsychology, Essentials of Social Psychology, and Essentials of Sensation and Perception illustrate multidisciplinary examination techniques, the methodology underlying how psychology research is conducted, and key functional and behavioral concepts and paradigms. The video demonstrations are extremely useful for teaching undergraduate and graduate psychology students.


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About JoVE

JoVE is the leading producer and publisher of video resources with the mission to increase the productivity of research and education in science, medicine, and engineering. Established in 2006, JoVE has produced over 7,000 video articles demonstrating experiments filmed in laboratories at top research institutions and delivered online to millions of scientists, educators, and students worldwide. Today, JoVE subscribers include more than 1,000 universities, colleges, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies, including leading institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, University of Cambridge, ETH Zurich, University of Melbourne, University of Tokyo, and Tsinghua University. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, JoVE maintains offices in the United States, Europe, India, and Australia. Please visit to learn more.

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