Department of Basic Sciences

Kansas city University of Medicine and Biosciences

Abdulbaki Agbas

Abdulbaki Agbas is a Professor of Biosciences in the Department of Basic Sciences, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCU) in Kansas City, Missouri. He received his undergraduate degree in chemistry and a Master of Science degree in clinical biochemistry from Ataturk University of Erzurum-Turkey, and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Szeged-Hungary.

Dr. Agbas had received extensive training in international laboratories in the field of biochemistry, neurobiology, and cell biology. He was awarded a UNESCO-International Training Fellowship program in modern biology in the Biological Research Center of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. During his fellowship program, how worked on opioid receptor characterizations in the human placenta under the mentorship of Dr. Anna Borsodi. He then continued on the physiology of human placental opioid receptors during his tenure at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri-USA. Dr. Agbas stayed in Kansas City area, worked in area universities, and broadened his training and expertise in the field of cell biology and neurobiology. Dr. Agbas was a contributing scientist in an NIH-Program Project on “reactive oxygen species (ROS) and aging” led by Dr. Elias K. Michaelis for more than a decade.

Since 2010, Dr. Agbas established his own laboratory and research team to work on developing blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). He has passion on mitochondria biology and developed an interest how mitochondria respiration profile can be used as an “organelle based biomarker” in disease states. He is a founding member of the “Heartland Center for Mitochondria Medicine”. Dr. Agbas also teaches various biochemistry subjects for medical and graduate students at KCU.


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