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Alberto Ballestín

Dr. Ballestín (DVM, MSc, PhD) is Doctor of Veterinary Medicine by the University of Extremadura (2011), University Master's degree in research in health sciences (2014) and PhD on Applied Biomedical Research (2018).

From 2012 to 2020 he worked as a researcher, educator and surgeon at the Microsurgery Unit of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre Jesús Usón. In 2015, he completed a predoctoral stay at the Microsurgery Laboratory at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center (New York, USA). In 2018, he defended the doctoral thesis "Free tissue transfer in microsurgery reconstructive: use of cell therapy to modulate ischemia-reperfusion damage in skin flaps ", obtaining the qualification of Outstanding Cum Laude and the Extraordinary Doctorate with the highest score awarded by the University (100/100). Since January 2021 he works at the Tumor Microenvironment Laboratory of the Institut Curie (Orsay - Paris, France), where he studies the underlying molecular mechanisms of chemo and radioresistance, as well as tumor spread and recurrence after surgical resection glioblastoma.

As translational preclinical researcher, he has focused his career on the study of microsurgery, vascular perfusion, ischemia-reperfusion, and glioblastoma. Despite being a young postdoc, he has published 23 papers in international journals being the first, last and / or autor of correspondence in 11 of them. He currently has an H-index of 5. He has defended the results of his studies in numerous conferences with more than 50 communications and 20 invited presentations. Some of these works have been recognized with 6 national and international awards.

He combines research work with teaching activity, having been faculty of 80 courses related to microsurgery in which about 1000 surgeons have been trained. At the same time, he is a professor on 6 master's degrees from different universities.

He is an active member of the main Scientific Societies in the field of microsurgery: President of the International Microsurgical Simulation Society, April 2018-present; Member of the Executive Council of the European Federation of Societies for Microsurgery, May 2018-present; Member of the Spanish Society for Surgical Research, November 2015, being part of the Organizing Committee of its Annual Congress in 2017; Secretary of the Spanish Association of Microsurgery, December 2019-present.


En præklinisk rotte model for studiet af iskæmi-reperfusion skade i rekonstruktiv mikrokirurgi

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