Alivia Calabrese

Faculty of Health, School of Biomedical Sciences

Queensland University of Technology

Alivia Calabrese

Alivia Calabrese is a Master of Philosophy student as part of the Queensland Bladder Cancer Initiative (QBCI), Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Alivia is a trained Medical Scientist and Sessional Academic within the Faculty of Health at QUT. Her research is focused on the global metabolic profile driving urological cancer progression, with a particular focus on organoid technologies. Alivia aims to develop precision medicine models to co-target metabolic pathways and standard-of-care treatments to improve bladder cancer patient care.


Culture of Bladder Cancer Organoids as Precision Medicine Tools

1School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) at Translational Research Institute, 2Queensland Bladder Cancer Initiative (QBCI), 3Centre for Personalised Analysis of Cancers (CPAC), 4Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre - Queensland, 5Department of Urology, Princess Alexandra Hospital

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