Andrii Domanskyi

Institute of Biotechnology, HiLIFE

University of Helsinki

Andrii Domanskyi
PhD, Principal Investigator

Dr. Andrii Domanskyi is a Principal Investigator and a research group leader at the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki. He received his undergraduate with honors degree from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and a PhD from the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Dr. Domanskyi main research interest is finding novel neuroprotective strategies combining neurotrophic factors, drugs and non-coding RNAs targeting specific pro-survival cellular pathways. His interest in molecular neuroscience started during post-doctoral work in Prof. Günther Schütz’s lab at the German Cancer Research Institute (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, where he moved after receiving PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki. As a post-doctoral scientist at DKFZ Heidelberg, he used in vivo tissue-specific inducible transgenic mouse models to study pro-survival pathways in adult dopaminergic neurons.

In 2014 Dr. Domanskyi returned to Finland as a senior post-doctoral scientist in a Business Finland-funded 3iRegeneration project to study neural stem cells, transcription factors, and neurotrophic factors in models of Parkinson’s disease. During his training at Optogenetics and Transgenic Technology Core facility at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), USA, he gained expertise in modern tools for somatic transgenesis and in vivo gene editing (CRISPR-Cas9), and development of reporter systems for drug discovery.

In 2015 Dr. Domanskyi received the Academy of Finland Research Fellowship and established a research group at the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki.