Anton Jan van Zonneveld

Departmente of Internal Medicine (Nephrology) and the einthoven Laboratory for Vascular and Regenerative Medicine

Leiden University Medical Center

Anton Jan van Zonneveld

Anton Jan van Zonneveld is professor of Experimental Vascular Medicine at the Department of Medicine at the Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden the Netherlands. A molecular biologist by training (University of Leiden) he received his PhD at the University of Amsterdam (Prof dr. P. Borst, Co-promotor Prof. H. Pannekoek) and postdoctoral training at the Research Institute of Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California, USA. Dr. van Zonneveld is currently head of the Einthoven Laboratory for Vascular Medicine at the LUMC. Dr van Zonneveld has published over 150 peer reviewed papers mostly related to vascular biology and posttranscriptional control of the vascular response to injury.


Standardized and Scalable Assay to Study Perfused 3D Angiogenic Sprouting of iPSC-derived Endothelial Cells In Vitro

1Department of Internal Medicine (Nephrology) and the Einthoven Laboratory for Vascular and Regenerative Medicine, Leiden University Medical Center, 2Division of Systems Biomedicine and Pharmacology, Department of Analytical BioSciences and Metabolomics, Leiden University, 3Ncardia, 4Department of Anatomy and Embryology, Leiden University Medical Center, 5Mimetas

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