Bas Oude Munnink



Bas Oude Munnink

Bas Oude Munnink (1986) is a postdoc researcher in the Viroscience department at the ErasmusMC. After his PhD on "the challenges of virus discovery in human fecal samples" at the AMC in Amsterdam he worked for one year as postdoc at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to obtain more bioinformatic knowledge.

Currently, Bas is working on the monitoring and tracing of emerging arboviruses like Usutu Virus and West Nile Virus using Nanopore sequencing. Next to that, he is working on creating an early warning system for emerging viral pathogens using a variatie of different molecular assays and techniques. One example of this is using a specific capture assay to enrich environmental samples for pathogenic viruses using Illumina sequencing technologies.