Bernhard Michalke

Research Unit Analyical BioGeoChemistry

Helmholtz Center Munich - German Research Center for Environmental Health GmbH

Bernhard Michalke
Professor Dr. habil. rer.nat.

Bernhard Michalke is leader of the research group "Elements and Element Speciation" and of the "Central Inorganic Analysis Division" (CIAD) as well as deputy director of the research unit “Analytical BioGeoChemistry” at the Helmholtz Center Munich – German Research Center for Environmental Health. CIAD is regularly performing certification campaigns for element determinations in certified reference materials from EU and G-EQUAS quality control system.

From 2004 – 2016, Bernhard was president and since 2016 head of the scientific advisory board of the German Trace Element Society (GMS), as well as from 2007 -2016 president of the Federation of European Societies on Trace Elements and Minerals.

Bernhard Michalke is developing speciation methods (including redox speciation of iron (Fe2+ / Fe3+) or speciation of AgNPs) and working in element speciation field since more than 30 years. His main focus is on speciation projects related to environmental health, i.e. chemical speciation of elements in body fluids (serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid) and tissue (e.g. brain or cancer tissue) with detrimental health effects. He has published more than 230 peer reviewed articles,12 book chapters and edited books on Metallomic and Selenium.


Configuration de la spectrométrie de masse plasmatique capillaire couplée à l’électrophorèse (CE-ICP-MS) pour la quantification des espèces de redox de fer (Fe(II), Fe(III))

1Research Unit Analytical BioGeoChemistry, Helmholz Zentrum München-German Research Center for Environmental Health, 2Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology, University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG), 3Institute of Pathology, University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG), 4RECIPE Chemicals + Instruments GmbH

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