Célio Fernando F. Angolini

Center for Natural and Human Sciences

Federal University of ABC

Célio Fernando F. Angolini
Assistant Professor

Célio Angolini is an Assistant Professor in Center for Natural and Human Sciences, Federal University of ABC, São Paulo. He receive his Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) with master's and doctoral degrees in chemistry from the same institution. During their training he works in the food engineering faculty and in the Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry (Thomson), where he developed a series of studies in secondary metabolism of endophytic microorganisms looking for biological control agents for agricultural use. He has also performed metabolomic studies on infections neglected diseases such as leishmaniasis and cancer. Using mass spectrometry he acted in studies from organic mechanism characterization until metabolomic studies in different biological matrices.

Today, their main research line is focused on the use of chemical ecology and mass spectrometry in studies of interaction between microorganisms and plants with emphasis on microbiological control agents. Also, he works in bio-prospecting studies of new molecules with different biological activities from different biological matrices (Natural products chemistry).