Claudia Zagami

Nuffield Department of Medicine

Oxford University

Claudia Zagami
PhD student

Claudia is a Ph.D. student at Oxford University in Nuffield Department of Medicine under the supervision of Dr. Francesco Boccellato. She received her undergraduate in Biomedical laboratory techniques at Insubria University in Italy, and a master's in molecular medicine at Uppsala University, Sweden.

During her training, Claudia was working in Dr. Femke Heindryckx's laboratory where she helped Dr. Carlemi Carlitz in the development of a Biomimetic Model for Liver Cancer to Study Tumor-Stroma Interactions in a 3D Environment with Tunable Bio-Physical Properties liver new 3D model. For her master thesis, she did an internship of 6 months in Boston at Brigham and Women's hospital studying the role of the tumor microenvironment in oncolytic viral treatment in glioblastoma.

With the desire to continue to work in cancer research she obtained a position as a PhD student at Oxford University where she is studying stomach cancerogenesis in a 3D model of the stomach mucosa.