Daniel M. Johnson

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

University of Birmingham

Daniel M. Johnson
Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson, PhD is currently a research fellow in the lab of Dr Davor Pavlovic at the University of Birmingham at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences headed up by Prof Paulus Kirchhof. His work in the institute concentrates on the ionic mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias, particularly focussing on the balance of sodium and calcium.

Dr. Johnson carried out his undergraduate studies in Pharmacology at the University of Newcastle and after working for MSD for a number of years, carried out a PhD entitled 'Enhanced Prediction and Prevention of Torsades de Pointes' at Maastricht University under the guidance of Prof Harry Crijns and Prof Paul Volders. Before joining the group in Birmingham he held post-doctoral positions at K.U. Leuven in the laboratory of Prof. Karin Sipido, where he received his own independent funding to investigate arrhythmogenic mechanisms, and also in the lab of Prof. Gelsomino at Maastricht University in the Department of Cardiothoracic surgery focussing on novel assist devices and AF.


High-Throughput Analysis of Optical Mapping Data Using ElectroMap

1Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Birmingham, 2EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Physical Sciences for Health, School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, 3School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, 4Institute of Clinical Sciences, University of Birmingham, 5Institute of Microbiology and Infection, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham

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