Daniel R. Griffith

Department of Chemistry

Lafayette College

Daniel R. Griffith
Assistant Professor

Daniel R. Griffith is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. He received his undergraduate degree from Hamilton College in 2007 and obtained his Ph. D. from Columbia University in 2013, where he was advised by Prof. Scott Snyder. Previously, he has been a Visiting Assistant Professor at Hamilton College and Davidson College prior to arriving at Lafayette in 2016.

Dr. Griffith’s research interests encompass the areas of natural products and the development of novel synthetic methodologies. Specifically, his research group has focused on developing synthetic strategies and methods for accessing structurally diverse bridged azapolycycles, a structural motif found in many biologically active molecules.

Dr. Griffith’s research has attracted funding from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund and he has been a recipient of a DoD NDSEG fellowship and a Fulbright fellowship.