David I. Leavesley

Skin Tissue and Regeneration Technologies

Skin Research Institute of Singapore

David Leavesley
Associate Professor

Prof Leavesley has a long-standing interest in the interactions of epithelial tissues with their environment; how they respond, how they adapt; and what they do when they move about. He has always considered research is a privilege, and carries a responsibility to move discoveries from the laboratory into practical, usable and affordable outcomes.

This has allowed him to collaborate with many individuals from diverse backgrounds, knowledge and skills, including patients, surgeons, physicians, nurses, cell biologists, molecular biologists, materials chemists, mathematicians, pharmacologists, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineers, teachers, lawyers and business partners. Working at the interface between living tissues and the inanimate world has provided him with an extensive technical expertise, particularly in cell and molecular biology, immunology, protein chemistry, clinical medicine and the practical realities of taking a discovery from bench to product and onto patients in need.