Dena Weinberger

Department of Biology

Murray State University

Dena R. Hammond-Weinberger
Assistant Professor

Dena Weinberger is an assistant professor of physiology in the department of Biology at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. She earned her bachelor's degree with honors from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As a graduate student, Dr. Weinberger studied the expression of a transcriptional repressor protein and its role in migrating cranial neural crest cells in zebrafish. As a post-doctoral fellow (2012-2016) in Dr. Nick Spitzer's lab at the University of California - San Diego, Dr. Weinberger studied the molecular mechanisms of neurotransmitter-receptor matching at the Xenopus neuromuscular junction.

Dr. Weinberger was recruited to the faculty at Murray State in 2016. Her research program studies the molecular mechanisms of motor system development using zebrafish as a model organism.