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Large Scale 3D Vertical Assembly of Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes at Ambient Temperatures

Nanotechnology. Nov, 2008  |  Pubmed ID: 21832774

We demonstrate three-dimensional directed assembly of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT) into porous alumina nanotemplates on silicon substrates by means of electrophoresis and dielectrophoresis at ambient temperatures. Assembled SWNT provided an interconnection between the surface and base of the nanotemplate. I-V measurements clearly show that the connection between silicon and SWNT is established inside the templates. This technique is particularly useful for large scale, rapid, 3D assembly of SWNT over centimeter square areas under mild conditions for nanoscale electronics applications.

Nanoporous Inorganic Membranes or Coatings for Sustained Drug Delivery in Implantable Devices

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. Mar, 2010  |  Pubmed ID: 19922749

The characteristics of nanoporous inorganic coatings on implants or on implantable devices are reviewed. The commonly used nanoporous materials, such as aluminum oxide (Al(2)O(3)), titanium oxide (TiO(2)) and porous silicon are highlighted with illustrative examples. The critical issues for sustained release systems are examined and the elution profiles of nanoporous coatings are discussed. The available data shows that these systems can be used effectively for sustained release applications. They satisfy the basic biocompatibility tests, meet the requirements of drug loading and sustained release profiles extending to several weeks and also are compatible with current implant technologies. Nanoporous inorganic coatings are well suited to provide improved efficacy and integration of implants in a variety of therapeutic situations.

Sustained Drug Release from Non-eroding Nanoporous Templates

Small (Weinheim an Der Bergstrasse, Germany). Jan, 2010  |  Pubmed ID: 19967712

Chitosan Film Containing Poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic Acid) Nanoparticles: a Platform for Localized Dual-drug Release

Pharmaceutical Research. Aug, 2010  |  Pubmed ID: 20521086

To characterize and evaluate chitosan film containing PLGA nanoparticles (NPs) as a platform for localized dual-drug release.

Monitoring of Magnetic Targeting to Tumor Vasculature Through MRI and Biodistribution

Nanomedicine (London, England). Oct, 2010  |  Pubmed ID: 21039195

The development of noninvasive imaging techniques for the assessment of cancer treatment is rapidly becoming highly important. The aim of the present study is to show that magnetic cationic liposomes (MCLs), incorporating superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs), are a versatile theranostic nanoplatform for enhanced drug delivery and monitoring of cancer treatment.

Self-folding Devices and Materials for Biomedical Applications

Trends in Biotechnology. Mar, 2012  |  Pubmed ID: 21764161

Because the native cellular environment is 3D, there is a need to extend planar, micro- and nanostructured biomedical devices to the third dimension. Self-folding methods can extend the precision of planar lithographic patterning into the third dimension and create reconfigurable structures that fold or unfold in response to specific environmental cues. Here, we review the use of hinge-based self-folding methods in the creation of functional 3D biomedical devices including precisely patterned nano- to centimeter scale polyhedral containers, scaffolds for cell culture and reconfigurable surgical tools such as grippers that respond autonomously to specific chemicals.

Biopsy with Thermally-responsive Untethered Microtools

Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.). Jan, 2013  |  Pubmed ID: 23047708

Thermally activated, untethered microgrippers can reach narrow conduits in the body and be used to excise tissue for diagnostic analyses. As depicted in the figure, the feasibility of an in vivo biopsy of the porcine bile duct using untethered microgrippers is demonstrated.

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