Franziska Schneider-Warme

Institute for Experimental Cardiovascular Medicine

University of Freiburg; University Heart Center Freiburg - Bad Krozingen

Franziska Schneider-Warme

Franziska Schneider-Warme studied Biophysics at Humboldt-University in Berlin and Bordeaux University. As a post-graduate she worked in Professor Peter Hegemann's team at Humboldt University, studying channelrhodopsin and optimizing novel optogenetic tools. After obtaining her PhD in 2014, she joined Professor Peter Kohl at Imperial College London, where she started using optogenetics to illuminate heterocellular interactions in cardiac tissue. In 2016, she became section head for Cardiac Optogenetics at the newly founded Institute for Experimental Cardiovascular Medicine in Freiburg, since 2019 as an Emmy-Noether fellow supported by the German Research Foundation.