Jannik Bruun Larsen

Department of Health Tech

Technical University of Denmark

Jannik Bruun Larsen
Post Doc

Jannik Bruun Larsen is a Post Doc in the Health Technology Department at the Technical University of Denmark. He received his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

During his training and as a Ph.D. student in Dimitiros Stamou’s lab at the University of Copenhagen (2010 - 2013) he developed a keen focus on using high-end microscopy to study protein-membrane interactions and used quantitative biophysics to elucidate novel molecular cues governing protein localization inside cells. He then moved to Thomas Lars Andresen’s lab at the Technical University of Denmark on a Sapere Aude individual Post Doc grant (2015 – Now) from the Danish Council for Independent Research. Here he has worked within the discovery phase of various new drug delivery systems, performing microscopy based quantitative biophysical characterization of drug delivery systems at the single particle level as well as studying nano particle uptake and intracellular trafficking. As part of the Post Doc grant he spend time in Tom Kirchhausen’s lab at Harvard (2017), employing state-of-art microscopy to elucidate the endosomal escape mechanism of drug delivery nano particles.