Jeroen Demmers

Proteomics Center

Erasmus University Medical Center

Jeroen Demmers
Associate Professor

Jeroen Demmers is the director of the Erasmus MC Proteomics core facility and an associate professor at the department of Biochemistry. He received an MSc degree in Chemistry with honors from Utrecht University and a PhD from the same institution (Albert Heck and Antoinette Killian labs). As a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Brain Chait at The Rockefeller University he used proteomics methodology to study protein-DNA interactions in yeast. In 2006 he moved to Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, where he started his own lab. His research program comprises the development of mass spectrometry based methodologies for qualitative and quantitative proteomics analysis, with a focus on the analysis of post-translational modifications, in particular ubiquitin. In addition, as a core facility head he collaborates with many researchers in the Netherlands and abroad.

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