Joseph Peter Moscatelli

Department of Biological Physics

Middlebury College and University of Minnesota

Joseph Peter Moscatelli
Undergraduate Researcher

Joseph P. Moscatelli (Joe) is a recent physics graduate from Middlebury College. Since his sophomore year, he has worked under Dr. Elias Puchner in a lab at the University of Minnesota that specializes in super-resolution microscopy. Joe worked alongside Santosh Adhikari to develop a novel technique for super-resolution imaging using BODIPY dyes. In doing so, the project has uncovered new findings in both fatty acid and lipid droplet (LD) biology. For his work with LD imaging at the Puchner lab, Joe became a 2017 Middlebury College Goldwater Scholarship nominee.

Joe currently works under Dr. Michael Durst as a post-graduate research technician at Middlebury College. He is currently helping Durst build a two-photon temporal focusing microscope to develop bio-imaging technique with realtime remote axial scanning.

Joe aspires to earn a PhD in Biomedical Engineering or Biophysics, and eventually contribute in the field of biomedical imaging.