Johannes A. Roubos

DSM Biotechnology Center


Johannes A. Roubos
Senior Science Fellow Bioinformatics, Modeling & Data Science

Hans Roubos holds a PhD degree (2002) in Biotechnology & Systems and Control Engineering from Delft University of Technology. Since 2003, he has been with DSM where he currently is Principal Scientist Bioinformatics & Modeling. He is responsible for the Bioinformatics & Modeling competence @ the DSM Biotechnology Center (Delft, the Netherlands), dealing with DNA construct design, protein engineering, metabolic pathway engineering, TX-PX-MX data mining, NGS sequencing and biostatistics. In addition, he manages a lab automation group for high-throughput screening, automated strain engineering and precision genome editing. He is involved in projects for DSM Food Specialties, e.g., on food enzymes and starter cultures, DSM Biobased Products and Services, e.g., on cellulosic bioethanol, and succinic acid, as well as DSM technology programs.