Joris Guyon

Inserm U1029 - ACML

University of Bordeaux

Joris Guyon
Pharm.D. - Ph.D. student

Joris Guyon is a Pharm.D. from the University of Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, and Ph.D. candidate at the Doctoral School of Health and Life Sciences, University of Bordeaux, France.

In the Angiogenesis and Cancer Microenvironment Laboratory, directed by Andreas Bikfalvi, he learned to extract and use patient-derived xenograft as a 3D cellular model. His research program encompasses using human glioblastoma cells to study the role of Lactate Dehydrogenases in its development and angiogenesis. He also developed tools to accelerate data analysis.

As a Pharm.D. resident from the University of Toulouse, he studied pharmacological aspects of antiangiogenic drugs use and drew up their cardiovascular safety from the WHO pharmacovigilance database: VigiBase®, with the collaboration of Pharmacovigilance center of Bordeaux.