Judith Pineau

INSERM U932, Immunity and Cancer unit

Institut Curie

Judith Pineau
PhD candidate

Judith Pineau is a PhD student in the team of Ana-Maria Lennon in Institut Curie, undertaking a PhD under the supervision of Ana-Maria Lennon and Paolo Pierobon. She studied Physics and Chemistry at ESPCI Paris, a graduate engineering school, and moved on to a Master focused on Interdisciplinary approaches to Life Sciences with Université Paris Diderot and CRI.

During Judith Pineau's training and various internships, she developed an interest for cell biology, microscopy, and quantitative image analysis. these interests lead her to start this PhD project studying the immune synapse of the B lymphocyte, looking both at the forces implicated in this cell-cell contact using Traction Force Microscopy, and the kinetics of reorganization of the B lymphocyte during its polarisation towards the immune synapse.