Kurt M. Van Allsburg

Catalytic Carbon Transformation and Scale-Up Center

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Kurt M. Van Allsburg
Inorganic and Materials Chemist, Research Scientist

Kurt Van Allsburg is a scientist in the catalysis research program at NREL. His research focuses on understanding pathways to commercialization for catalytic processes, such as biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals, and using those commercialization insights to accelerate technology development. He is the lead developer of CatCost™, a catalyst cost estimation tool designed to help catalyst researchers make more informed R&D decisions. As part of the Chemical Catalysis for Bioenergy Consortium, he is working on a computational database to facilitate sharing and meta-analysis of computed energies for catalytic pathways and surface species. He is also active in research on electro- and photocatalysis, advanced synthesis of metal carbides, and covalent organic framework catalysts.