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The Role of Neutrophils During Mild and Severe Influenza Virus Infections of Mice

PloS One. 2011  |  Pubmed ID: 21423798

Neutrophils have been implicated in both protective and pathological responses following influenza virus infections. We have used mAb 1A8 (anti-Ly6G) to specifically deplete LyG6(high) neutrophils and induce neutropenia in mice infected with virus strains known to differ in virulence. Mice were also treated with mAb RB6-8C5 (anti-Ly6C/G or anti-Gr-1), a mAb widely used to investigate the role of neutrophils in mice that has been shown to bind and deplete additional leukocyte subsets. Using mAb 1A8, we confirm the beneficial role of neutrophils in mice infected with virus strains of intermediate (HKx31; H3N2) or high (PR8; H1N1) virulence whereas treatment of mice infected with an avirulent strain (BJx109; H3N2) did not affect disease or virus replication. Treatment of BJx109-infected mice with mAb RB6-8C5 was, however, associated with significant weight loss and enhanced virus replication indicating that other Gr-1(+) cells, not neutrophils, limit disease severity during mild influenza infections.

Abortive Replication of Influenza Virus in Mouse Dendritic Cells

Journal of Virology. May, 2012  |  Pubmed ID: 22419813

The interaction between influenza virus and dendritic cells (DCs) remains poorly defined and controversial. Here we show that influenza virus replication in mouse bone marrow-derived DCs is abortive, despite viral genome transcription and replication occurring for each gene segment and viral hemagglutinin and nucleoprotein, at least, being produced. Electron microscopy reveals that virus assembly, rather than release of virus from the cell surface, is defective.

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