Lu Zhou

Department of Neurobiology, School of Medicine

Stanford University

Lu Zhou
Life Science Research Professional

Lu Zhou MD is a Life Science Research Professional in the Neurobiology Department at Stanford University School of Medicine. She obtained her medical degree from Capital Medical University in China. She then received a master’s degree in Immunology from San Francisco State University, with her thesis research performed in Carol Clayberger and Alan Krensky’s lab at Stanford University.

During the years in Ben Barres lab (2006-present), Dr. Zhou has focused on studying the development and function of different glial cell types in the central nervous system. Her work is pivotal in the establishment of multiple glia culturing systems and she is also specialized in neural transcriptomics. Her previous work on pericytes and endothelial cells has contributed to our understanding of blood-brain barrier formation and function. Dr. Zhou is currently pursuing basic research in neuroimmunology. By taking advantage of single-cell RNA sequencing, she is trying to dissect the vital roles microglia play in brain development, aging and disease, with hopes of finding new therapeutics for devastating brain disorders.