María Teresa

Department of Anatomy, Histology and Neuroscience

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

María Teresa

M. Teresa Moreno-Flores Ph.D. (1988) is Associate Professor in the department of Anatomy, Histology and Neuroscience of the Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Dr. Moreno-Flores has been working in the field of Neuroscience during 31 years, in the Instituto Cajal de Madrid, Max-Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Munich, and in the Centro de Biología Molecular “Severo Ochoa”. Her research has been dedicated to the study of the cellular and molecular mechanisms implicated in lesion and regeneration of central nervous system (CNS), with special focus in the mechanisms of glial activation after CNS injury.

Current research, in collaboration with Dr. Javier Sierra of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, involve the study of Olfactory Ensheathing Glia (OEG) regenerative capacity. For this, Dr. Moreno-Flores has carried out studies with primary and immortalised rat and human OEGs using models in vitro, to evaluate and quantify their neuroregenerative ability, and to elucidate the mechanisms involved in their properties. In addition, she is using models in vivo, to evaluate the repairing effects of transplanting OEG in the spinal cord injury, both anatomically and functionally. More recently, she is involved in studies of OEG transdifferentiation to increase the effectivity of OEG to promote neuroregeneration in the CNS lesions.


Coculture of Axotomized Rat Retinal Ganglion Neurons with Olfactory Ensheathing Glia, as an In Vitro Model of Adult Axonal Regeneration

1Facultad de CC Experimentales, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, 2Dept. Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences, Section of Physiology, University of Catania, 3Dept. Anatomía, Histología y Neurociencia, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

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