Margherita Zamboni

Frisén Laboratory, Cell and Molecular Biology Department

Karolinska Institutet

Margherita Zamboni
PhD Student

Margherita Zamboni is a PhD student in Jonas Frisén Laboratory at Karolinska Institute, Sweden. She received her Bachelor's degree in Science and Technologies of Cognitive Psychology from University of Trento, Italy, and her Master's degrees in Neuropsychology and in Fundamental Neuroscience from University of Maastricht, the Netherlands.

During her doctoral studies, Margherita has developed an interest for research in the field of regenerative neuroscience and has been working towards the identification and characterisation of novel sources of latent neural stem cells that can contribute to functional repair of neural circuits after damage to the adult mammalian brain. For the purpose, she has been perfecting her neurosurgical skills to establish various murine models of CNS injury and disease. She has, furthermore, designed novel strategies to achieve gene editing of specific cell types in the brain, through in situ delivery of viral vectors and other compounds.