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Fluorescent Nano-optodes for Glucose Detection

Analytical Chemistry. May, 2010  |  Pubmed ID: 20355725

We have designed fluorescent nanosensors based on ion-selective optodes capable of detecting small molecules. By localizing the sensor components in a hydrophobic core, these nanosensors are able to monitor dynamic changes in concentration of the model analyte, glucose. The nanosensors demonstrated this response in vitro and also when injected subcutaneously into mice. The response of the nanosensors tracked changes in blood glucose levels in vivo that were comparable to measurements taken using a glucometer. The development of these nanosensors offers an alternative, minimally invasive tool for monitoring glucose levels in such fields as diabetes research. Furthermore, the extension of the ion-selective optode sensor platform to small molecule detection will allow for enhanced monitoring of physiological processes.

The Design and Development of Fluorescent Nano-optodes for in Vivo Glucose Monitoring

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. Jan, 2011  |  Pubmed ID: 21303627

The advent of fluorescent nanosensors has enabled intracellular monitoring of several physiological analytes, which was previously not possible with molecular dyes or other invasive techniques. We have extended the capability of these sensors to include the detection of small molecules with the development of glucose-sensitive nano-optodes. Herein, we discuss the design and development of glucose-sensitive nano-optodes, which have been proven functional both in vitro and in vivo.

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