Matthew Lanaro

Science and Engineering Faculty

Queensland University of Technology

Matthew Lanaro
PhD Candidate

Matthew Lanaro is a Biomedical Robotics Design Engineer at the Herston Biofabrication Institute. He is currently completing the requirements for a Ph.D. at the Queensland University of Technology where he completed his Bachelor of Engineering with majors in Mechatronics and Robotics (with honours).

Matthew has experience applying design and project management principles to deliver novel solutions within the additive manufacturing, biotech and food processing industries. These include,

• Electro-mechanical design of advanced manufacturing equipment,

• Design of biomedical devices,

• Software design for custom biofabrication manufacturing,

• Software design for computer vision analysis of cellular special-temporal kinetics,

• Consultation on the regulatory requirements of biomedical devices,

Authored a number of peer-reviewed scientific papers on design of additive manufacturing printers, components and software, as well as the application of computer vision for augmented reality and cell-microstructure analysis. He has spoken at a number of symposia and conferences.