Michael Kalwat

Department of Pharmacology

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Michael Kalwat
Michael A. Kalwat

Michael Kalwat is an Instructor in the Department of Pharmacology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. He received his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Purdue University and completed his doctoral training with Debbie Thurmond at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Kalwat’s primary interest is in the mechanisms underlying the function of pancreatic islets in glucose homeostasis. During his post-doctoral training in Melanie Cobb’s lab at UT Southwestern, he established a forward chemical genetics strategy to identify small molecule modulators of insulin secretion.

In 2018, Kalwat received a Strategic Research Award from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to investigate chemical inhibitors of glucagon secretion from primary human islet alpha cells and was promoted to faculty in the Department of Pharmacology.