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Single-electron Capacitance Spectroscopy of Individual Dopants in Silicon

Nano Letters. Dec, 2011  |  Pubmed ID: 22022859

Motivated by recent transport experiments and proposed atomic-scale semiconductor devices, we present measurements that extend the reach of scanned-probe methods to discern the properties of individual dopants tens of nanometers below the surface of a silicon sample. Using a capacitance-based approach, we have both spatially resolved individual subsurface boron acceptors and detected spectroscopically single holes entering and leaving these minute systems of atoms. A resonance identified as the B+ state is shown to shift in energy from acceptor to acceptor. We examine this behavior with respect to nearest-neighbor distances. By directly measuring the quantum levels and testing the effect of dopant-dopant interactions, this method represents a valuable tool for the development of future atomic-scale semiconductor devices.

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