Nikolay Dimov

School of Engineering and Computer Science

University of Hertfordshire

Nikolay Dimov

Nikolay Dimov is a Research Fellow in biosensors and lab-on-a-chip biodetection technologies in the School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. He graduated MSc in Molecular Bioengineering from the Technical University Dresden and completed his PhD in Microengineering and Microfluidics from the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

In his postdoctoral work (2012 to 2013) in Ducree’s lab at Dublin City University, Republic of Ireland, he conducted research in point-of-care diagnostic devices for early detection of diseases using centrifugal microfluidics for extracting and purifying RNA from blood samples. Nikolay joined Szita’s lab at University Colege London, UK, where he investigated the development of downstream processing units for isolation, purification and inline characterisation of pharmaceuticals (2013 to 2018). He was recruited at the University of Hertfordshire as a Research Fellow under the Vice Chancellor’s fellowship in biosensors and lab-on-a-chip technologies.

Nikolay's primary research interests are in the integration of molecular assays on microfluidic devices that expand the ultimate understanding of biological and clinical events. His current investigation focusses on the biodetection of extracellular vesicles for diagnostics and monitoring of disease progression towards the engineering of liquid biopsy system for point-of-need applications.