National Microgravity Laboeratory

Insititute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Qi KANG is a professor in institute of mechanics, Chinese academy of sciences. He has been engaged in microgravity fluid physics research for a long time, including the stability of thermal capillary convection, bifurcated transition, space fluid management and droplet/bubble thermal capillary migration, etc.; and completed a number of microgravity fluid space experiments. His research projects include the thermal capillary convection experiment of the TG-2 liquid bridge, China's manned space engineering project; and the development of the experimental fluid physics rack for China's manned space station.

Now, professor Q. KANG is a member of the MICROGRAVITY SCIENCES AND PROCESSES COMMITTEE of Internation Astronautical Federation (IAF), deputy editor of Chinese Journal of Space Science, and director of National Microgravity Laboratory. He has published over 100 academic papers.