Ramon Lopez Perez

Clinical Cooperation Unit Molecular and Radiation Oncology

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

Ramon Lopez Perez

Ramon Lopez Perez is Deputy Head of the Clinical Cooperation Unit Molecular Radiation and Oncology at the German Cancer Research Center. He studied Biotechnology at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and graduated with a diploma in 2009. He received his Ph.D. at the Heidelberg University in 2015, with a thesis on the biological effects of carbon ion radiation in glioblastoma cells, performed at the German Cancer Research Center.

The research interests of Dr. Lopez Perez range from basic research on DNA damage and repair using new technologies, such as superresolution microscopy, to translational research in the field of radiotherapy. His unit, headed by Peter Huber, investigates radiation and drug effects in tumors and normal tissue with the aim to improve the efficacy of radiotherapy, to reduce normal tissue damage and to prevent side effects, such as fibrosis. In recent years, Dr. Lopez Perez and his unit have focused their research on the response of mesenchymal stem cells and the innate immune system to radiochemotherapeutic treatments, and on the potential of connective tissue growth factor inhibition to prevent radiation-induced fibrosis.