Roberto Sanchez-Cabrero

Department of Social Sciences and Applied Languages

Alfonso X the Wise University, Madrid, Spain

Roberto Sánchez-Cabrero
Final Degree Project Coordinator

Roberto Sánchez-Cabrero is currently the Final Degree Project Coordinator in the Education Area of the Department of Social Sciences and Applied Languages of Alfonso X the Wise University in Madrid, Spain. Where he has been working since 2018. He has a degree in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical and health Psychology from the University of Salamanca, Spain.

During Dr. Sánchez-Cabrero training he developed a keen focus on research in the study of body image and old age. He has worked for more than eight years in different international universities, specializing in educational psychology and new technologies.

Dr. Sánchez-Cabrero has more than thirty publications of international impact. His main focuses of current interest reside in education and, especially, in the educational application of virtual reality. However, his open-mindedness and habitual curiosity often lead him to deepen studies of wide thematic variety: from psychology, education, social work, communication and even new technologies.