Rodrigo Sosa

Departamento de Psicología

Laboratorio de Neurociencias, Universidad Iberoamericana

Rodrigo Sosa

Rodrigo Sosa lectures on several topics related to psychological science at Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico City. He also conducts research in the Laboratorio de Neurociencias at the same institution. He graduated as Doctor in behavior science at Universidad de Guadalajara, followed by a postdoctoral stay at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Dr. Sosa's core research interest is inquiring into how biologically relevant experiences shape an organism's behavior using Pavlovian and instrumental conditioning paradigms. Earlier his research focused, using rodent models of learning, on how imposing a temporal barrier between behavior and a biologically relevant experience, disrupts the capability of the latter to shape the former, and on how particular experiences with low biological relevance can acquire the capacity to shape behavior. Currently, his research is focused mainly on how an organism can learn to inhibit a previously learned action that is situationally maladaptive, and on whether the lack of this learning capacity is involved in psychiatric conditions.