Shao-Yen Kao

Department of Physiological Chemistry

Biomedical Center Munich

Shao-Yen Kao
PhD student

Shao-Yen Kao pursuit his bachelor in National Taiwan University at Department of Life science. After finished bachelor degree, he continued study master in the institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology in National Taiwan University. He joined the Dr. Chih-Tien Wang’s lab, currently chair director of institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and study the mechanism of exocytosis in spontaneous neural activity during rat nervous development.

After master pursuing, he applied PhD training in Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gaul’s lab in Gene center of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany in the field of glia cells role in adult fly nervous system. In 2017, he joined the Dr. Maria Spletter’s lab in department of Physiological Chemistry under Faculty of medicine in Biomedical center. Currently he is focus on the functional role and mechanism of U2 spliceosome component protein in fly muscle and nervous system during development.