Shohei Koyama

Department of Respiratory Medicine and Clinical Immunology

Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

Shohei Koyama
Assistant Professor

Shohei Koyama received his Ph.D. degree from Tohoku University, Japan.

As a post-doctoral fellow (2010 to 2015) in Glenn Dranoff’s lab at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute(DFCI), USA, he studied how the mutation of driver oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes modulate the immune profile in lung cancer microenvironment using transgenic models and clinical samples in collaboration with Kwok-kin Wong`s lab and Peter Hammerman`s lab at DFCI.

He then moved to Atsushi Kumanogoh’s lab at Osaka University, Japan, as assistant professor. His research focus on the role of guidance molecules in lung cancer microenvironment.