Silas J. Leavesley

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, College of Engineering

University of South Alabama

Silas J. Leavesley

Dr. Silas Leavesley is a professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and a member of the Center for Lung Biology at the University of South Alabama. His research focuses on the design and implementation of hyperspectral imaging technology for preclinical and clinical diagnostics – including microscopy and endoscopy platforms.


4-आयामी (एक्स, वाई, जेड और λ) हाइपरस्पेक्ट्रल FRET इमेजिंग और विश्लेषण का उपयोग करके जीवित कोशिकाओं में 3-आयामी सीएएमपी वितरण का मापन

1Department of Pharmacology, University of South Alabama, 2Center for Lung Biology, University of South Alabama, 3Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of South Alabama

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