Takanori Kono

Structural Heart Research and Innovation Laboratory, Carlyle Fraser Heart Center

Emory University

Takanori Kono
Post doctoral fellow

I obtained my MD from Kurume University School of Medicine in Japan. In 2007, I started to work as general surgery residency at Kurume University Hospital in Japan. After I became a board certified surgeon in general surgery I focused on cardiovascular surgery. I acquired a lot of experiences in cardiovascular surgery, and became a board certified cardiovascular surgeon in Japan in 2017. I was getting interested in heart valve research during the course of doing heart surgery. Therefore I I've joined Dr. Padala’s lab in cardiothoracic surgery at Emory University since July 2018.


चूहे में मित्रल रिगुरजिटाशन से नियंत्रित वॉल्यूम अधिभार का एक छवि निर्देशित ट्रांसापिकल माइट्रल वाल्व पर्चा पंचर मॉडल

1Structural Heart Research and Innovation Laboratory, Carlyle Fraser Heart Center, Emory University Hospital Midtown, 2Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Joseph P. Whitehead Department of Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine

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