Timothy Spicer

Department of Molecular Medicine

Scripps Florida

Timothy P. Spicer
Senior Scientific Director

Tim Spicer, is a Senior Scientific Director in the Department of Molecular Medicine and joined Scripps in 2005. Tim has more than 29 years of experience in drug discovery, including 10 years at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Tim is currently the director of HTS and discovery biology and co-directs the screening center at Scripps. He supervises HTS assay development & related efforts including technology development for which he has NIH funding on the 3 year award for the Advanced Development and Validation of 3 Dimensional Spheroid Culture of Primary Cancer Cells. He has authored >100 drug-discovery related publications, including several this year related to organoid and spheroid screening, and is an inventor on 3 patents, including clinically relevant antiviral compounds.