Tomasz Dobrzycki

Preclinical Cell Biology

Immunocore Ltd

Tomasz Dobrzycki

Dr Tomasz Dobrzycki works as a Scientist at Immunocore, a biotech company based in Oxfordshire, UK. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of York and received a DPhil in Chromosome and Developmental Biology from the University of Oxford.

Before his postgraduate degree, Tomasz received hands-on training in molecular genetics and cell biology in the labs of Sangeeta Chawla and Dimitris Lagos at the University of York, and also during his placement in Christian Eckmann's lab at Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden. He developed an interest in developmental biology during his DPhil in the lab of Roger Patient, under the co-supervision or Rui Monteiro. His work focused on genetic controls of haematopoietic stem cells during embryonic development in zebrafish.

After completing his DPhil, Tomasz moved to Immunocore, where he works in the Preclinical Cell Biology department. He is responsible for assessing the potency and efficiency of proprietary ImmTAC molecules using human in vitro models.