Vaibhav Gandhi

Division of Orthodontics

University of Connecticut Health

Vaibhav Gandhi
Research Instructor

Vaibhav Gandhi is a Research Instructor in the Division of Orthodontics, the University of Connecticut Health in Farmington, Connecticut. He received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Master of Dental Surgery in Orthodontics degrees from the Gujarat University, India.

During Dr. Gandhi's training, he developed a keen focus on research that encompasses in orthodontic biomechanics and accelerated orthodontic tooth movement. As a research instructor (2018 to 2020) in Madhur Upadhyay's lab at the Division of Orthodontics, University of Connecticut Health, USA, he studied the method to generate actual Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models using Mimics, 3Matic and Abaqus software. He also developed an efficient workflow to consistently produce these models out of different CBCT radiographs of the patients. Furthermore, he also developed an algorithm to apply loads from different directions to simulate tooth movement and ultimately find out the center of resistance (Cres) of the respective tooth.

Dr. Gandhi is selected as a speaker to present this FEA concept and his research on Cres of Maxillary molars to the American Association of Orthodontics' annual meeting, 2020. He has now focused his research on simulating complex tooth movements, which can help orthodontists around the globe to increase the efficiency of their biomechanics.